Pope Benedict XVI is the Visible Head of the Roman Catholic Church


On March 9th 2020 a woman had a vision after mass. Our Lord showed her a clear and visible picture of Pope Benedict giving her to understand he is Pope. She heard the words ” hood winked”… she was overjoyed and elated to hear this wonderful news and the happiness she had lost came back instantly as she went home she wanted to shout out the good news for all…

Two weeks or so later she saw him again in her room – His Holiness, His Sanctity and Peace were beyond words to describe…. the next day she realised he would also have appeared in her large mirror ….

She saw him again on several other occasions …not as the elderly man he know is but as a cannonised Saint ….that’s the only way to describe the vision and the peace and comfort of that Great Vision she hopes she always remain..

Pray for the Holy Father as Our Lady of Fatima said to the little children of Fatima ..the Holy Father will have much to suffer . The prayer when making a sacrifice …” Oh my Jesus it is for the love of Thee, the conversion of sinners , for the Holy Father and I’m reparation for the wrongs done to the Immaculate Heart of Mary …

Our Lord asked for publication and here it is ..late

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